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The Perfect Fit for every workplace situation.

Sit/Stand, Seating, Computer, Lab, Office, Industrial. Perfect Fit has the background and resources to solve complex challenges with simple solutions.

The Perfect Fit for every workplace situation.

Sit/Stand, Seating, Computer, Lab, Office, Industrial. Perfect Fit has the background and resources to solve complex challenges with simple solutions.


Ergonomics: 4 easy steps to set an office chair to be sitting comfortably.

February 14, 2018

Step 1: Set the correct seat pan depth. Ideally, 1 to 4 fingers between the seat pan and the back of the leg will provide the proper amount of support for the upper body.

Step 2: Set the backrest. The curvature of the backrest needs to fit the natural curve of the spine for proper support.

Step 3: Set the height. The heels of the feet should be well supported putting the top of legs almost parallel with the floor.

Step 4: Set the arm rests. Place one arm on you lap and notice where you elbow naturally rests. Then, raise the office chair arm to just below that point. This will keep the shoulders in its natural position supporting the forearms.

If you cannot set the office chair as described and you are experiencing discomfort, it is time to look for a new one. Many office chairs have levers to adjust the chair to fit your body perfectly and once set, you never move them again.

Perfect Fit Ergonomics in Ventura County brings office chairs to businesses to demo for seven days assisting clients in establishing the base line model. PFE also assists with the hard to fit employee. Please go to for more details and schedule your demo chair to be delivered.


Business Furniture and Ergonomics, how to balance ego and ergo.

August 4, 2017

For the first 10 years of my career in ergonomics, I spent the majority of time working with Fortune 100 size organizations as well as medium private business, building ergonomic training and assessment tools that were deployed in 54 countries utilizing the Cardinus e-learning suite of online tools. No matter the size of the business a common thread was revealed, most want atheistically pleasing business furniture that also provides a proper fit and ergonomic functionality.

Ergonomic Consultants, Workers Comp managers and the like, all desire to reduce pain and discomfort in the workplace. Perfect Fit Ergonomics was founded on the idea to work in conjunction with these individuals by learning from their expertise, and in return, PFE provides new product knowledge to them. The result for the business furniture buying company is beautiful, aesthetically pleasing furniture to help keep employees on task, engaged, and comfortable.

Perfect Fit Ergonomics was founded on the “fit” principle. First, find the proper business furniture by using ergonomics as a basis so it fits perfectly. Second, utilize interior designers and space planners to assist with fabric, laminates, veneers, and other materials making sure the business furniture fit perfectly in the office. Lastly, utilize ergonomic assessment background to assist employees reduce discomfort and pain which increase their level of fitness and in turn their productivity. With these principles in mind, Perfect Fit Ergonomics employs interior designers, attends manufacturer product launches, attends trade shows, and amongst other things, is constantly looking for that item that will work for the hard to fit employee and options that will fit in creating a more ergonomically correct workplace for the entire business location.

To make it easy, send us a photo with your phone and we will make the proper recommendation. To have a more exact recommendation, tell us what the desired outcome is and financial parameters and send it all to  One of our furniture experts will get back to you within 3 hours.

By Joe Oliveri, Co-Founder of Perfect Fit Ergonomics.

When Joe is not helping promote ergonomics in the business setting, he can be found at Santa Monica College teaching business courses. He is also a member of ASSE and volunteer’s as the Communication Chair for the Valley Coastal Chapter.

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What I learned from VariDesk.

July 7, 2017

Working in the world of ergonomics for the past 10 years, I have seen and spoken to countless office workers. These employees work in cubicle settings, in private offices, or are home workers. One thing is common: most become uncomfortable and experience pain at their primary workspace at least once throughout the day.
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National business furniture company excels by emphasizing ergonomics

June 22, 2017

Perfect Fit Ergonomics is quickly becoming Ventura County’s leading business furniture company providing office chairs, business desks, training tables, conference room furniture, reception area furniture and break room furniture. PFE’s popularity is growing with schools, hospitals, municipalities, and private businesses across the region.

As the name implies, ergonomics is Perfect Fit Ergonomics’ specialty. As organizations look to increase employee productivity in their private offices, home offices or in cubicle (bench) settings, Perfect Fit Ergonomics has the business furniture that will help keep everyone on task, engaged and comfortable. Read More →

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AARP: Busting 7 Healthy Workplace Myths

May 8, 2017

The days of typing at your desk in a stationary chair for eight hours may be vanishing. Workplace health products are all the rage, from standing and treadmill desks to wearable pedometers and posture trackers.
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TIME: You Asked: How Do I Improve My Posture?

March 9, 2016

Change starts with your seat.

Experts call it “the turtle.” It’s that neck-bent, shoulders-forward, hunched-over position many people assume when sitting all day at work on their computers or texting on their phones.

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